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Special Forces Equipment Overview

This Special Forces Equipment product overview is intented as an easy find option. 
If you have any questions or queries about these products, do not hesitate to contact us, thank you.

Sky Marshall Bag


Fly safe with the Sky Marshall Bag

The SKB is a new container for Aircraft Cabin Personnel which enables safe storage...


Talos bomb detection

Car on fire

For under car bomb detection, fit Talos

Talos uses 'state of the art' CMOS technology to provide the most advanced detection...


TSS Exhibition Dates and Locations


TSS Exhibition Dates and Locations

Catch up with TSS International for personal advice on all our security products of the...


Letter Bomb Killer


Make your mailroom a safer environment

Make your mailroom a safer place for your employees to work in. Store and secure...


Armoured vehicle shock absorption


Armoured vehicle shock absorption

Reduce vehicle occupant injuries during IED attacks. Made to measure interior shock...


TSS BioBag


Open suspect envelopes with BioBag

To limit the threat of suspect mail pieces (e.g. 'powder letters') governments, police...


TSS Sponsor News Ginaf Rally Power

Ginaf truck

TSS Sponsor News Ginaf Rally Power

This year, the start of the Dakar Rally 2012 will take place in Mar del Plata...


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Iso 9001 certified

TSS International has an approved Quality Management System ISO 9001:2008 as per certificate RQA660688 dated 1st March 2012. Transport Security Systems is a registered tradename of TSS International


TSS International are members of the following organisations; ESTA, NIDV, FENEDEX and ASIS International

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