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The Ground Bomb Killer. An innovative and effective anti-bomb protection system.


SEMA World has developed and patented the Ground Bomb Killer (GBK), an innovative and effective anti-bomb solution in the fight against terrorism. The GBK is designed to neutralise the blast and the disastrous consequences of terrorist bombings. Placed over and around suspicious objects (for example bags left in public places), this device can save lives and drastically limit damage in the event of an explosion. The GBK can be used to maximise safety in anticipation of the arrival of an Explosive Ordnance Disposal team.

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Semaworld capitalises on more than 50 years of experience in military equipment and more than 25 years in anti-terrorist products. The Ground Bomb Killer is at this moment in use on five continents. International patent pending.


Ground Bomb Killer

  • Neutralises outward blast
  • Reduces danger zones
  • Saves lives and protects the environment
  • Fast & Easy implementation (no training required)
  • Adapted to any object, regardless of size, and all situations

Military robot



Place the Ground Bomb Killer around the potential explosive threat in:

  • Train, Bus and Underground Stations
  • Government Buildings
  • Shopping Centres
  • Sport and Amusement Venues


GBK (Ground Bomb Killer) ensures user safety with a ballistic belt that is placed over the suspicious object to protect the surrounding area until a specialised response team arrives.


Please download technical product material with detailed information about all TSS International products from our download page.


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