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CarVox for perfect two-way communication through closed windows.


The protection of an armoured car is at its highest level when the armour is uninterrupted: all doors and windows are closed. However, sometimes you need to communicate with parties on the outside of your vehicle. This is now possible with CarVox Intercom Solutions. Designed for various applications, CarVox allows free communication from within the safety of your armoured vehicle.


CarVox always LOUD and CLEAR communication

The windows of a vehicle are an important asset when protecting the driver, whether it be from excessive noise and dirt, inclement weather, or the approach of a potential threat. However, when the driver needs to communicate with someone outside, that same window becomes an unwanted barrier.


The latest version of CarVox can be delivered with an integrated, optional and powerful P/A system. With CarVox, a wide range of drivers can communicate with the outside world in comfort and security.


Various models available in 12, 24 and 42 volt

Police riot vehicle



CarVox is tailor-made for:

  • Police, prison and security transport
  • Ambulance drivers and rescue squads
  • Worldwide availability
  • Military personnel on patrol
  • Cash-in-transit vehicles
  • Armoured limousines and 4x4 vehicles
  • Taxi and bus drivers


Please download technical product material with detailed information about all TSS International products from our download page.


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Iso 9001 certified

TSS International has an approved Quality Management System ISO 9001:2008 as per certificate RQA660688 dated 1st March 2012. Transport Security Systems is a registered tradename of TSS International


TSS International are members of the following organisations; ESTA, NIDV, FENEDEX and ASIS International

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