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Téléflow CTIS: Always the right tyre pressure at all times!


Téléflow tyre pressure control systems monitor and control tyre pressures in-motion.


Téléflow valves


Téléflow valves. Each Téléflow system has unique advantages provided by its tyre valves.


Téléflow programmable grp

The Téléflow programmable in-motion control (GRP).


Téléflow distribution block

The new Téléflow distribution block UEPCU exists in fully RoHS version.



Téléflow valves main benefits:
- Strict piloting by positive pressure avoid risk of oil extraction in integrated rotating unions.
- Deflation In the open air directly through the valve which corresponds to a hole inside diameter of 6mm.
- The piping circuit Is not under pressure when the system is at rest, which gives a long life to the rotating seals. No tyre leak even if the hose is damaged.
- Wheel by wheel management for a better accuracy, Teleflow valves are completely sealed because they are kept closed by the tyre pressure itself as standard tire valves in rest position.






The Téléflow programmable in-motion control (GRP)

This tyre pressure control system is particularly well suited to experienced drivers who know the performance of their tyres. The user can programme 4 different terrain settings which can be selected on the LCD control panel. The manual mode allows for accurate real-time adjustment.


Téléflow GRP main benefits:
- Select by universal pictograms, completely multilingual product CAccess the configuration menu and the manual mode may be.
- Option to protect each axle and each tyre by use of password
- The manual mode allows to adjust the pressure at any time by simply holding down the inflation or deflation button.
- Access the configuration menu and the manual mode can be protected by means of a password.
- Automatic pressure and speed check. Audible alarm possible.
- Numerous settings: language choice, pressure units, vehicle design, backlighting.


OEM installation: integrated internal air passages


Aftermarket installation: external air passages

If necessary qualified installers can assist with the setting up on the vehicle.

The primary application is to improve mobility and liaison on the ground, optimizing the contact surface of the tyre according to:

  • The terrain surface (road, sand, fields, track, mud ...)
  • The vehicle's speed
  • The vehicle's weight and payload

 Contact surface tyre prints



Benefits using the Téléflow CTIS: Improves vehicle mobility:

  • Improves vehicle mobility through difficult terrain
  • Increases footprint on soft ground (sand dunes, wetlands)
  • Limits skidding


Enhances safety and comfort:

  • Detection and compensation of punctures in-motion
  • Reduces risk of tyre burst
  • Reduces shock and vibration


Please download technical product material with detailed information about all TSS International products from our download page.


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Iso 9001 certified

TSS International has an approved Quality Management System ISO 9001:2008 as per certificate RQA660688 dated 1st March 2012. Transport Security Systems is a registered tradename of TSS International


TSS International are members of the following organisations; ESTA, NIDV, FENEDEX and ASIS International

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