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TSS ProtecTank is suitable for all forms of transport.


Independent tests have been carried out by the TNO Laboratory in Holland and the Beschußamt in Germany. The concept of TSS ProtecTank is to enhance the existing OEM tank to be able to survive ballistic and explosive attacks. The self-sealing materials are specifically developed and are capable of sealing entrance and exit holes caused by multiple shots and/or heavy fragmentation impacts. It's possible to convert your existing fuel tank into a TSS Self-Sealing & Flame Retardent fuel tank.


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The external surface of fuel tanks are coated with self sealing materials to prevent leakage, and the inside is filled with explosion suppressant materials. The final outer coating is flame retardant according to the latest UL94 Standards. Besides tests with two DM51 hand grenades, our fuel tanks have also undergone and withstood ballistic tests with the following types of ammunition:


  • Caliber 5.56 NATO & AP
  • Caliber 7.62 NATO & AP
  • Caliber .44 Magnum
  • Caliber .357 Magnum
  • Caliber 9 mm NATO
  • Caliber 12.7 (optional)
  • Caliber 14.5 (new development)


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TSS ProtecTank features and benifits:

  • Prevent Explosions
  • Prevent leakage caused by gunfire
  • Original fuel tank applications
  • Minimal additional weight
  • Approved by Beschußamt, Germany


To meet explosion-suppressant demands a reticulated polyurethane open cell SAFECREST® Safety Foam or expanded aluminium foil or spheres can be applied for improved protection.


Survive ballistic and explosion attacks with ProtecTank

Granades and bullets


Please download technical product material with detailed information about all TSS International products from our download page.


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Iso 9001 certified

TSS International has an approved Quality Management System ISO 9001:2008 as per certificate RQA660688 dated 1st March 2012. Transport Security Systems is a registered tradename of TSS International


TSS International are members of the following organisations; ESTA, NIDV, FENEDEX and ASIS International

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