Protected fuel tanks

Light-weight, self-sealing fuel tank protection

TSS Protected fuel tanks

To protect the fuel tank and the source of an armoured vehicle’s mobility, it is possible to encase the fuel tank with armoured steel. This is an effective protection, but comes at a price: extra weight on an already heavy vehicle.

TSS Protectank offers a light-weight alternative to armoured steel: a self-sealing and flame retardant coating, applied by TSS International. The OEM-grade quality and finishing assures that the fuel stays safely in the tank, where it can still be accessed by the engine for mobility.

Tested at renowned institutes such as TNO Netherlands, IABG and Beschussamt, it is a proven product and the first choice for vehicle armourers and AV fleet managers all over the world.

To maximise the potential and minimise the dangers of the fuel tank, an existing fuel tank can be turned into a self-sealing ProtecTank. A TSS ProtecTank can be equipped with a specially developed fuel-swellable foam. This coating limits leakage to a few drops when the fuel tank is punctured or shot at. The external surfaces of fuel tanks are coated with self-sealing materials according to UL94 standards to prevent leakage when hit by bullets or grenade fragments, and the inside can be filled with explosion-suppressant materials. The final outer coating is flame-retardant.

TSS ProtecTank – Features

  • Original fuel tank applications
  • Minimal additional weight
  • Approved by Beschußamt, Germany and TNO Netherlands
  • TüV-tested and approved flame resistance (UL94)
  • Prevent leakage caused by gunfire
  • Prevent Explosions of vapours and gases in the tank (optional)
  • Besides tests with two DM51 hand grenades, our fuel tanks have also undergone and withstood ballistic tests with the following types of ammunition:
        – Caliber 5.56 NATO & AP
        – Caliber 7.62 NATO & AP
        – Caliber .44 Magnum
        – Caliber .357 Magnum
        – Caliber 9 mm NATO
        – Caliber 12.7 (optional)
        – Caliber 14.5 (new development)


Further information on TSS ProtecTank products is available in these downloadable documents.

TSS Protected Fuel Tanks

TSS Protected Fuel Tanks

Avoid the danger of leakage and fire


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