Runflat wheel assemblies

Runflats, tyres and rims, fitted and ready-for-action

TSS Runflat Wheel Assemblies

Although installing TSS runflat inserts is not difficult, we do offer the service of pre-installing the runflats with the tyres and rims of your choice. This means they are ready to mount onto the vehicle as soon as they arrive at the workshop or factory.

We also offer the service of tyre changes and inspection of wheel assemblies after use.

Check the information on the page of TSS Heavy Duty Wheels to see whether we offer a solution for your vehicle, or use the button below to enquire directly with our sales team.

Runflat fitment training

In certain situations it can be more convenient to do the fitting on location. Either because all the spare parts are there and it is logistically challenging to ship them to TSS, or because there is simply a rush to get the tyre change done. It might then be useful to consider training your own service mechanic to do the tyre change and runflat refitting. We are happy to offer this training, either at our facilities or at an alternative location.

In our network, we also have a number of third-party independent mechanics, who are also capable of servicing the runflat wheels and other (non-)TSS products on your Civilian Armoured Vehicle in a more remote location. Interested? Contact us below for more information!


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