About Us

TSS International was founded in 1976 with one goal in mind: to keep vehicles and their passengers safe and on the move.

Vehicle mobility, safety & security

TSS International was founded in 1976 with one goal in mind: to keep vehicles and their passengers safe and on the move. Whether the vehicle is armoured or not, it is crucial to keep moving to get out of a danger zone, even with flat tyres. Almost from the start of the business, we have been a distributor for Rodgard Runflat Systems. We have been delivering Rodgards to OEMs since the early 1980s. Since our incorporation in 1999, we have steadily expanded our product portfolio with products related to vehicle mobility, -safety and -security.

With a strong focus on mobility for civilian armoured vehicles, we have a wide range of products which we distribute on an exclusive basis. Over the years, we have also developed some of our own products, always in close collaboration with our partners, and always keeping in mind quality and safety & mobility. Runflat Systems have always been our core business and we have built on this by adding high-payload wheels to cope with the added weight of the armour. By offering truly self-sealing fuel tanks, we also allow for weight reduction without compromising safety.

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Since 1976

With the addition of heavy duty brakes, vehicle intercoms, military runflats & multi-piece wheels, central tyre inflation systems (CTIS), vehicle intercoms, blast mitigation products and heavy duty suspension systems, we position ourselves as an all-round solutions provider for armoured vehicle mobility: Armour Mobility!

Our partners, who often also supply OEMs, are carefully selected and already imply a clear decision for quality. But don’t take our word for it! Wherever and whenever possible, we test our products at renowned institutions such as TNO, TüV, IABG and Beschussamt. Our processes have been ISO9001 audited and certified by Lloyds since 2006.

With the growth of our product portfolio, we have also grown as a company. From a one-man show in 1976, we are now run by the second generation of our founder’s family and we have a team of 9 staff members, all with the goal of delivering uncompromised mobility. We have also evolved from a company focused on trade to a full-service provider. We provide runflat fitment training, advice with regard to the most suitable mobility solution and we can also deliver complete, ready-to-mount runflat wheel assemblies in all shapes and sizes.

If you want proof of our capabilities: our products are used all over the world by humanitarian aid organisations, armed forces, special forces, border patrol, (government) VIP-transport services, cash-in-transit services and many, many more.

Vehicle Platforms

Some of the vehicle platforms we have proudly served and continue to serve are among others: Toyota Landcruiser 200 & 300; Mercedes-Benz G-Class (military and civilian), S-Class, V-Class, Sprinter, Actros & Atego; BMW 7-series & X5; Lexus LS & LX; Boxer IFV 8×8; Thales Bushmaster; Patria 6×6; Dakar Rally Trucks (several brands); LSV; Fuchs; Fennek; VW Amarok, Crafter, Caddy, Passat & Touareg; Land Rover Range Rover & Defender; GMC Yukon XL; Chevrolet Suburban.



If you have any queries or questions regarding any of our products please feel free to call or send us a message.